We have a great deal of experience working within the water sector and one of our recent installations is a reservoir works access pontoon.  The client needed to replace valves in the water tower and undertake essential maintenance quickly and efficiently.   A temporary pumping solution using pipes supported by inferior pontoon modules was proving to be unsatisfactory and they contacted us to find a safe access solution.  

We installed a 62m walkway with 2 8x4m extensions to encapsulate the water tower.  The pontoon is secured using a combination of anchors to the reservoir floor and shore lines.  Combisafe edge protection is fitted to all possible sides and a dive ladder installed directly above the worksite, this installation provides easy safe access for divers and engineers to undertake works quickly with the minimum of risk.

Pontoonworks offer a comprehensive professional service to clients from the initial site visit, to quick competitive quotations  through to underwritten stability documentation, risk assessment and complete method statements.  The installations are undertaken by fully trained pontoon installers with all the relevant tickets and qualifications and on completion the removal is speedy leaving the site without damage to the environment or wildlife.   We are the only company in the UK to work with the superior Jetfloat modular system which is manufactured in Austria to the highest standards.