Stability Calculations

Delivering pontoon solutions without risk to our client is essential and despite over 20 years of experience we don’t leave anything to chance.  We collaborated with Ramboll Group (Danish architecture and engineering consultancy) to develop software that underwrites any installation we design to guarantees that we can deliver the very safest working solutions for our clients.

Our Works Package Plans include stability calculations as standard along with detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statments.  Every aspect of a job is factored into our calculations and that’s what sets us apart. We will never install anything smaller than 12m² pontoon and our specially adapted stanchion posts for affixing edge protection help spread the load and ensure the stability of the working area.


Pontoon Elements Materials Data Sheet

We use Jetfloat modular units which are manufactured to a very high standard in Austria.  Patented in 1971 and made from LUPOLEN 5261Z (BASF) High Molecular blown moulded plastic the units will not splinter, rot or corrode.  They are;

  • Employable offshore (wave and storm proof) and resistant to saltwater and acids.
  • Moulded with a non-slip texture for safety.
  • Non-polluting, no leaching into the environment or water.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Fully recyclable.

Each double element is 100 x 50 x 40cm and weighs 11kg.  A single layered platform has a buoyancy of 350kg per m².

We also use single elements and low profile where necessary and a range of robust standard and bespoke accessories to ensure we can satisfy all technical requirements for any job.

Pontoonworks Modular Pontoon from Jetfloat
Men working on a pontoon in a river

Site Safety

Personnel on construction sites already face a higher risk of injury than in many other industries, but where water is added into the equation the hazards are increased considerably.  Pontoonworks has an ongoing commitment to health and safety and works closely with the HSE as we forge our own codes of practice.  Our reputation for providing the safest working platform pontoons is unquestionable.  Our teams will arrive with all the relevant tickets for site work, with high safety standards enforced by our NEBOSH trained managers.  Together with up to date vehicle service documents and high quality PPE our strong health and safety culture ensures a smooth induction process and expert on-site service.

CSCS Skilled Workers

Pontoonworks are the only team in the UK with CSCS Skilled Worker qualifications. Don’t risk your project with anything less.

Training Certifications

Need Some help?

We would like the opportunity to show you how we can help with your next project.   We work nationally and can be organise site visits quickly, but often quotes can be done with just a comprehensive brief which our operations team are trained to acquire.   

Get in touch and let us take the pressure off working on water.