One of our teams was working close to home last week installing a nature reserve pontoon access walkway at Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve.   Usually accustomed to travelling the length of the UK, it’s a nice change to appreciate some the beautiful scenery on our doorstep.  The Avalon Marshes which are part of Somerset’s Levels and Moors are home to many nature reserves all maintained by Natural England.   

The Canada Lake Hide requires significant work and the access bridge needs replacing.  We have installed a temporary modular pontoon bridge providing access and a working platform for the works.  

The reed beds provide a home to otters and a huge variety of wildlife therefore it is vital that they are not disturbed during works.  Modular pontoon sits above the base of the beds with minimum disruption to the local residents.  We always endeavour to ‘leave no trace’ when we remove our installations on completion of works.  

If you have a similar project and need pontoon, give us a call.