After initial exploratory sampling from one of our scaffold pontoons on a rail bridge across the River Avon in Bath, our client told us they needed a new working platform to extend the investigation to core drilling 14m into the river bed.  There is no direct access to the work site so our pontoon solution needed to include a transportation method from approximately ¼ mile down river.    

We reconfigured and extended the existing installation and delivered a double layered 10 x 8m platform with moon pool, steel formwork, load spreading mats and Combisafe edge protection fencing.  The installation was launched from a slipway down the river loaded with the 3.5T drilling rig, all ancillary equipment and ISO water container.  The total load amounting to approximately 14.5T was manoeuvred into position by our qualified boatman and moored to shore.    

At Pontoonworks we strive to stay ahead in our sector.  We will always undertake a comprehensive assessment of each project, working to a detailed stability document factoring in every aspect of the job.  This level of professionalism allows us to deliver the safest solutions to our clients and their contractors.