One of our teams recently delivered two modular pontoon installations on the Birmingham Canal because a  new client needed a crash deck for demolition work.  The pontoons, forming a right angle beside the building, are both 2.5m wide. They are fitted with Combisafe edge protection and safety lighting.  They were installed at the end of May for demolition work which is part of a major regeneration project in the area.   Pontoons play an important role on demolition sites.  Our Achillies UVDB certification has meant that we have supplied many installations on Canal and River Trust managed sites.   The site will become a luxury housing development using the recycled bricks and  will improve the aesthetics of the area.

Pontoon Works installations deliver the safest working solutions for civil engineering projects on or around water.  Our installers are CSCS Skilled Workers and bring the highest level of professionalism and safety to their work.  Pontoon Works guarantee that your workforce can do their job with complete confidence because we deliver the best service.  

If you are planning to work on or around water give us a call to see if we can help.  We offer site visits and will quote quickly if you are tendering for work.   We have been providing pontoons to the UK’s construction industry for over 15 years, as a result we know our business.   Moreover we have a 100% no incident record.