Our client needed a modular pontoon working platform for structural bridge maintenance to Staverton Bridge on the River Dart, a structure which dates back to the early 1400’s.   

The Solution

The 122 m. sq.  single layer pontoon is anchored using ground moorings to shore.   The bridge piers are encapsulated by the modular pontoon which provides access around the structure and acts as a debris fall arrest to prevent the re-pointing materials polluting the watercourse.  The addition of two tower scaffolds provides the workforce with a totally stable, safe working area for this bridge maintenance project.  

Why Choose Pontoonworks Modular Pontoon?

With over 15 years experience providing the safest solutions to our clients, Pontoonworks confidently offer the most professional service to  construction and civil engineering works across the UK.  Our modular pontoon is manufactured to the highest stands from a high density polyethylene plastic in Austria and it carries ISO9001 certification.  

All our operatives are fully qualified to work on site from the most up to date CSCS regulations and RYA certificates to specialist EUSR and and much more.  We guarantee our training programme  will satisfy our clients requirements.  We carry Constructionline Gold membership and are Builders Profile registered.  

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