Working platform

Providing floating pontoon platforms for many key projects on the UK’s rail network

We specialise in floating pontoon platform solutions and our mission is to be recognised as the most reliable subcontractor in the sector. Our strength lies in the ability to respond quickly and to successfully deliver a variety of integrated and sustainable floating pontoon solutions for our clients. Operating the length and breadth of the country, we offer a comprehensive hire service supported by a totally inclusive consultancy package. This ensures our bespoke solutions satisfy our clients’ brief.  Our floating pontoon options can provide working platforms for heavy plant, scaffold and multi-bridge inspections. Also fall arrests, deflection booms and a variety of solutions to any number of problems associated with maintaining the UK’s rail network.


Floating workstation

Complete floating pontoon workstations ensuring safe, stable platforms for inspections on water

Our pontoons are scaffold compatible. They have numerous mooring options and can be configured around existing piles and structures. We will work with you to generate a structured timetable during multi-site operations and ensure efficient use of human resources. We can also offer a low profile solution where there is restricted height access under bridges.

A floating pontoon is an excellent platform to collect falling debris and eliminate risk of pollution to water courses. For aerial works floating fall arrest systems are also easily achieved. Our modular pontoons are easily deployed as versatile barges to ferry hoppers of waste to shore.

From the smallest of projects to the ‘Twin Sail Bridge’ in Poole, our services provide a vast range of solutions for accessing the water.


Modular Pontoon

Working with plant around water often poses huge problems

Whatever the size and weight, access is usually an issue and even the smallest delay can be costly when working to 
tight deadlines. Our modular floating pontoon is a versatile solution to the challenges of plant access. With floating platforms supporting machinery from 100kgs up to 20 tonnes, our comprehensive bespoke service caters for all of your needs. Safety is paramount, so whether your project requires single deck, double deck or steel platform support we can provide the solution.

The secret of any plant evolution is ensuring that the point loading of the equipment is understood. We ensure the loading of heavy plant is evenly distributed by covering the pontoon surface with a range of tracking. We understand the risks involved and always supply a modular pontoon system that will have a minimum of a 50% load to buoyancy.


Floating pontoons

Floating walkways, towpath diversions, a temporary bridge and work platforms of all shapes and sizes

With a floating platform, you can work safely from the water. We have various types of hand railing and barriers available and the modular pontoons can facilitate a site specific design. This increases efficiency and enables you to work with confidence. Scaffold towers can be attached for aerial access, or the pontoons can be used as a work platform to assemble and manoeuvre equipment or sub structures into position. Our solutions will also enable full pedestrian access and transport light vehicles. We can provide a low profile pontoon system for working closer to the water with a free board of only 22cm. We can accommodate much larger projects with steel pontoon equipment.

Temporary units such as office space, equipment stores or welfare cabins can also be put on the water when space for your compound is limited.


Swim platform

Sporting events, private events and bespoke services

For many years now we have been the lead supplier of floating swim platforms and temporary slipways for world class triathlons and various open water swim series. We supplied and installed 1100m² of modular pontoon for the 2012 Olympic Triathlon event in Hyde Park.

We fully understand the needs of individuals when arranging weddings and parties.  Pontoonworks reduce the stress of your event by managing all of the marine activities. We can build fully floating stages, marquees and bars and offer a range of surfaces for the floating marine pontoon from ply and green baize through to a fully decked platform.

Pontoonworks also design and create tailored components for moorings, gangways and coverings. From engineers to artists and film crews’ ideas, we love a new creative challenge. Not only can we design fittings for the pontoons, but the versatility of our modular system means that we can work around all sorts of obstacles and in a variety of water environments.


Floating dock

Floating pontoon docks for coastal & tidal applications

Our pontoons make a fabulous long-term investment for accessing the water. Longevity and durability together with extensive mooring options and coverings, means that we can develop a bespoke floating dock design around your needs and budget.

We are able to offer extensive marine knowledge and this allows us to supply a floating pontoon system specifically suited to its environment and our clients’ needs. We fully understand the need for the correct type of mooring on floating dock.

We travel the length and breadth of Britain every week, helping companies access all types of water courses.