• Pontoon for piile Encapsulation

Princes Quay Bridge, Hull Working Platform

Our client needed a working platform and access to piles for the construction of a new bridge. The solution is a 250m sq single layered pontoon encapsulating the piles within 1.5m x 1.5m moonpools. Combisafe edge protection is erected to all outside edges.When complete the £12m pedestrian bridge in Hull will link the marina to the southern end of Princes Dock.  

  • Poole Quay Installation

Pontoon for Quayside Maintenance

Our client required access to the timbers and gangway of a quayside to undertake maintenance and repair works to various components of the structure.We installed a pontoon working platform, 82m x 2.5m   with a 25m sq platform encapsulating the pile supporting the gangway.  Combisafe edge protection was installed on all outside edges 0.5m inboard to complete the safe installation. 

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