• Covered Pontoon Walkway

Covered Towpath Walkway

We’ve recently installed an additional safety aspect to one of our towpath diversion pontoons.   The original installation has been diverting pedestrians around a worksite as part of the M4 improvements for a number of months, but with the changing nature and location of the works, extra precautions were required to ensure the safety of the general public.     A scaffold roof has been erected using our specially adapted pins with uprights positioned on the outer edge of the Combisafe edge protection.  This frame supports a double layered roof and mesh sides which also protects users from falling debris.  This installation is […]

  • Pontoon Barge

Pontoon Transport Barge

We don’t just work for large corporations, this client needed to transport a 3.5T excavator across a private lake and our modular pontoon transport barge was a perfect solution.The 5x5m platform with Combisafe edge protection was fitted with 15T loading ramps with bespoke pontoon brackets and tufftrack deck cover.    A 5hp mercury outboard motor fitted w our bespoke outboard bracket directly to the pontoon enabled our boatman to manoeuvre the barge across the lake and move the excavator into position.  It was a simple job, but our attention to detail is always the same that’s why we have an impeccable […]

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