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Modular Pump Platforms

We have a long history of installing pump platforms in reservoirs and rivers enabling clients to reduce, increase and maintain levels and our latest installation is in the magnificent Loch Glass for one of Scottish Water’s contractors..

Ensuring a constant flow of water to their assets in such an uncertain climate is crucial for all water companies and with our help emergency pumping stations such as this one can be put in place ready to be activated should the water levels become dangerously low. It’s with proactive thinking like this that many of our clients are averting issues.

The pontoon walkway is constructed to 55m x 2.5m with two 5m x 5m pump heads. These are detachable, in case of any malfunction, they can be easily removed independently of each other and transported back to shore for repair or replacement without any interruption to pumping.

The entire installation requires edge protection but our usual Combisafe panels would have created too much resistance and the second option of rope and stanchion would not stop swimmers accessing the pump heads, so wire mesh was added to the stanchions to ensure the pontoon cannot be boarded from the water.

The installation was completed in 3 days and will guarantee Scottish Water can continue to ensure a constant flow to their assets during the summer months.

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