We have been on site in Kent for more than two years,  working with Balfour Beatty on the Springhead Bridge project and are delighted to share in their success celebrating this award for Excellence.   

The first evolution of our modular pontoon was first used for site investigation works supporting a cable percussion rig and then a CPT for UXO exploration.    We then installed a much larger walkway enabling access to both sides of the worksite negating the need for extra welfare and providing full ‘walk to work’ access for the workforce.   With full edge protection the pontoon adapted to the site as the installation was tailored to the ever changing landscape as groundworks and piling progressed.  Our commitment to protecting the environment and all wildlife is unparalleled and in this case the use of modular pontoon has been recognised and highly commended by the judges for its valuable contribution enabling this major work to proceed with minimum impact.  

We are part of many such projects and bring a high level of professionalism to our sector of the industry.   We have a 100% accident free record which is principally due to the high quality of training our installers receive, each holding much more than the basic tickets required to work on construction projects throughout the UK.   We are fully committed to offering the safest solutions for our clients. 

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