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Princes Quay Bridge, Hull Working Platform

Our client needed a working platform and access to piles for the construction of a new bridge. The solution is a 250m sq single layered pontoon encapsulating the piles within 1.5m x 1.5m moonpools. Combisafe edge protection is erected to all outside edges.When complete the £12m pedestrian bridge in Hull will link the marina to […]

Pontoon for Quayside Maintenance

Our client required access to the timbers and gangway of a quayside to undertake maintenance and repair works to various components of the structure.We installed a pontoon working platform, 82m x 2.5m   with a 25m sq platform encapsulating the pile supporting the gangway.  Combisafe edge protection was installed on all outside edges 0.5m inboard to […]

Debris Crash Deck and Fall Arrest Pontoon for Bath Quays Development

Our client is undertaking demolition works on the banks of the River Avon in Bath to make way for the new Bath Quays development.  The site, the old boiler house has a cantilever hanging over the water course.  Our team of specialist installers have constructed a 55m sq pontoon debris crash deck to ensure no […]

UXO Investigation Pontoon

Working on the River Lea in East London our client is undertaking UXO works as part of a flood alleviation project.  The site is one of London’s oldest surviving industrial centres and weight restrictions are in place at the point of launch.  Our investigation pontoon solution was equipped with load spreading mats and counter balance […]

Access Working Platform Pontoon

This 11 x 5 m working platform pontoon is providing access for our client to replace an old utilities pipe across a canal in Scotland this week.  The 4m tower scaffold fits securely within the safe working height of the  55 sq m pontoon, enabling personnel to access the fixings ready for removal by crane.  […]