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Providing access for devegetation

A growing problem…

More and more water companies are seeing the benefit of installing bespoke working platforms into tanks to deal with vegetation problems, as they provide a safe, cost-effective solution that does not require draining or  decommissioning of assets.   The modular pontoon is easily transported onto site and constructed to accommodate fixtures and fittings in aeration lanes, PSTs, FSTs and clarifiers.

Aeration Lanes in wastewater treatment plants are prone to the invasion of fast growing vegetation and have proven difficult to access.  Our engineered solution, as seen above, is a bespoke dual modular platform with stability bridge which provides a stable and manoeuvrable workspace.  Installed within 2 hours, work can commence immediately after handover and approximately 100m of vegetation can be cleared in a single day.

Wastewater and Clean Water

Whatever the shape, type or location of your assets, we will get your workforce directly into the tanks with full safety measures and minimum disruption to the day to day operation of your plant.   

With DWI Reg 31 our blue pontoon is safe for clean water sites too.

Please get in touch on 01935 814950 or email office@pontoonworks to learn more about how we can support your asset maintenance.

Modular Pontoon used at United Utilities wastewater site for de-vegetation
De vegetation at wastewater treatment plant

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