We have delivered another innovative solution to Thames Water at one of their Water Treatment Works in North East London.   Repairs to capping stones in the facility required a mobile 3 x 4m working platform.  Due to the nature of the site an outboard or workboat were not an option, but a newly developed manoeuvrable anchoring system enabled operatives to release the tension of the anchors whilst still maintaining contact with the wall.  When the pontoon is repositioned the aluminium anchors are levered into place locking the working platform against the wall.  

This simple innovation ensures the safety of the workforce whilst giving them greater flexibility to access the work site.   This solution is in place at a clean water site and required a DWI Reg 31 approved pontoon.  As the only pontoon supplier in the UK to offer this, our client can be confident that our credentials qualify us as the best for the job.  

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