We’ve been working within the water sector for many years and regularly find that new clients are sceptical about the capabilities of pontoon, but when we demonstrate the value of ‘floating’ their workforce rather than emptying tanks they immediately see the benefits.   

This job for maintenance works within aeration lanes at a waste water treatment plant shows how easy it is to provide access to replace pipework and valves at surface level.  The safe working platforms are fully kitted with edge protection ensuring risk free access and egress for operatives to undertake the works.  The aeration lanes can still run safely when the pontoon isn’t in use, resulting in limited downtime and disruption to the treatment process.

We maintain a separate stock of pontoon for waste water work and all of our pontoon is fully cleaned and disinfected with environmentally friendly product to ensure there is absolutely no cross contamination between water courses.    Our clean water DWI Reg 31 approved pontoon is never used on any waste water treatment works site.   

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